Quick Treatment For Foot Pain   SUBMIT

I have suffered from heel pain for about 2 years. It all started when I got a new job where I had to stand on one spot for 10-12 hours a day; prior to that I had been extremely sedentary and would sit pretty much all day so I think my feet were not used to stand much. Anyways I have quit that job and it's been over a year but heel pain still remains whenever I have to stand still for 10 mins or more. I used to think I had plantar fasciitis but my pain seems different from most accounts I read online. Most people say it is a very sharp pain and it's worst first thing in the morning when you first get off bed and it tends to get better as the day progresses. In my case however I wake up fine and don't really feel any pain, the pain begins after standing for about 10 mins and it's a dull pain, sometimes accompanied with some kind of tingling or itchy feeling on my soles (i am not sure how to describe it) the pain gets worse the longer I stand. If I have to stand for 2 hours or so then my feet will continue to hurt for the next 2 or 3 days. My pain is definitely worse when standing still compared to walking which i can tolerate for longer. I don't have insurance to see a podiatrist and cannot find any info of what else it could be since most sites talk about plantar fascitis or heel spurs as common causes of heel pain but my pain just seems different. Has anyone ever experienced a similar pain?