Quick Treatment For Foot Pain   SUBMIT

Hey there! I have had what I believe to be chronic plantar fasciitis (or is it "-osis"?) for about 5 years now. Not officially diagnosed, but I don't know what else that first morning heel pain could be. Despite basically living in my running shoes with orthotic inserts, my foot pain has gradually worsened over time (I'll bet you aren't surprised). Anyway, I finally stumbled upon the idea that shoes were the problem, and I have now been barefoot for about a month. I started very slowly, and now am up to about 1-2 hours of dedicated barefoot walking around my yard every day. My feet were feeling a lot better, so I know I'm on to something, but then I tried jogging/walking intervals for only about ten minutes yesterday, and now I feel like I'm hobbling around on stumps again. I realize I probably just did too much too soon and need to be patient, but I'm wondering if anyone else here has dealt with this problem and went barefoot to fix it? If so, how long until you were 100% recovered? Should I be thinking months or years before I'll be running again? All input/advice/wisdom would be greatly appreciated!