Quick Treatment For Foot Pain   SUBMIT

I'm 20 and in decent shape. I go to the gym and lift weights, I go on walks everyday (as long as feet allow it) and I really wanted to start c25k and start running. I did first 2 days and it didnt feel bad. Definitely could have went longer just by cardio alone but my feet pain and achilles tendonitis really hit me and I couldnt keep running or even walking more than 20minites. I go to a physio and we're trying to work on it but not making much progress. Any advice would be appreciated it. Basically I have orthrotics already due to my feet pain but they dont seem to help much and I dont wear them at home just when I go out anywhere. My feet pain is right on my heel(all the time) on both feet but left foot definitely worse(my achilles tendonitis is worse on left too) and when I try to walk more than 30mins my entire foot starts to hurt. I still got some weight to lose. I'm 5'11 and 101kg(I think 220 lbs?). I still have decent amount of muscle from working out but definitely could lose 15lbs. Any tips or stretches etc. To work on this? Or just any insight on what this could be