Quick Treatment For Foot Pain   SUBMIT

I started this season (not a winter runner - yet) by overdoing a mountain hike that locked up my calf muscles for a few days. Running over the next week or so ended up leaving me with symptoms that I assume indicate plantar fasciitis. But every description of PF that I read about is substantially different. My symptoms are a buzzing/burning in the front of the heel when at rest - either sitting down or in bed. It's worst when I'm in bed on my back and my feet are resting on their heels, so I've gotten used to sleeping on my side. It doesn't hurt when I get out of bed in the morning and there's no pain when running or walking. There's also no bruise-like area on my foot that hurts when I press it. These symptoms have been lingering this way for a month now. I'd really like to think I can keep up with my modest 3-5 day/week runs of 3-5 miles each without making this into something that will force me to stop running for weeks or months. I'm planning on working my mileage up very slowly in preparation for a half marathon in the fall. I have been doing a lot of stretching, use good form (Chi), have decent shoes and have neutral feet. I ran regularly 9-12 miles/week last year without this problem. Any one else have this type of PF symptoms and what have you done?