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Almost 2 months ago I cut my foot on its side which needed 3 stiches. Due to the awkward position of the cut, it was very uncomfortable to walk properly. Instead of getting a pair of crutches like I probably should have, I opted to try to minimalise walking and when I needed to just walk on my toes. This was a large mistake as I ended up with a secondary issue of a small tear in a foot muscle-type thing due to my poor walking habit. To combat this my doctor told me to get supportive foot souls for my shoe which helped my walking a lot and i've been able to walk pretty fine for the last month, although I have not been walking as much as I regularly would because of the remaining discomfort. But since then, every time i've left the house for just over a few hours my foot, specifically the around the arch, starts to swell up a bit, or even just when im sitting at a desk for a while and recently i've been having trouble reducing the swelling as i've been more active, and its even getting hard to combat through elevation. The swelling doesnt look red nor is it particularly warm compared to the rest of the skin. I figured this is fluid pooling at my feet due to gravity, but im wondering what it is, how to combat it, and if I should see a doctor of physitian about it? Additionally my foot feels quite cold a lot of the time, but that might be related to a seperate dryness issue i've been dealing with. ​ Also the swelling is only on the foot thats had all the other issues, which is why I assume its related ​ Im 18 Male 192 cm 70 kilos Australian Current medication - ibuprofen to combat swelling but im not taking it everyday